Dental Implants

Dental implants are comprehensive replacements for missing teeth. Missing even a single tooth can cause a range of issues, like misalignment and problems with normal function. Replacing the tooth restores the smile and supports good oral health.

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Replace Missing Teeth in Langford and Victoria

Advancements in dentistry have helped countless patients completely restore their smile.

These sturdy, long-lasting restorations are comprised of titanium implant posts, connecting abutments, and a quality crown or other prosthetics, and serve as comprehensive replacements for missing teeth. Once placed, the titanium post bonds with existing bone and acts just as the natural tooth root, supporting both surrounding bone structure and the replacement prosthetic.

Patients using dental implants benefit from better oral health, a stronger bite, and optimal function. Dental implants can support the following restorations:

Single-unit crowns - A single implant post placed directly in the jaw supports a crown to replace the entire tooth. This alternative to a dental bridge preserves the supporting bone and the smile’s alignment.

Implant-supported bridges – Two to three implants support a lifelike prosthetic to replace up to a quadrant of missing teeth. Implants are placed in an optimal position for maximum strength and support.

Fixed-Supported Dentures – Four to eight implants support a complete denture, replacing an entire arch of teeth. We ensure that both the denture and implants fit comfortably while remaining reliable for long-lasting health.

Why Dental Implants?

If left untreated, a smile missing roots can suffer from accelerated resorption and atrophy over time.

Dental implants act like natural roots and replace the missing tooth completely, from root to crown. After a period of healing, the jawbone surrounds the implant, integrating the biocompatible titanium into part of the supporting dental structures.

Caring for dental implants is convenient and easy. Patients can follow normal brushing and flossing habits, as well as visit the dentist twice a year or as suggested.


Not all patients are able to receive dental implants. Patients require adequate bone volume and density to successfully support dental implants. Preliminary procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifts can greatly improve a person’s chances of reaching eligibility

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