Tooth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth can easily become discolored by everyday life, even with good dental hygiene. A professional whitening option can have a dramatic effect on your teeth, restoring your smile into one you’ll be proud to show off.

Pacific Rim Dental offers the Sapphire™ whitening system as one of our many cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Marjan loves helping patients throughout Langford achieve a smile that enhances their features and reflects their unique personalities. Schedule your next visit with us today!

What Stains Your Teeth?

Our teeth don’t start off perfectly white, but rather a creamy yellow or pale grey. However, exposure to certain foods can darken that color significantly. This is because the enamel, the tooth’s outermost layer, is actually porous, allowing certain substances to pass through. The stains build up gradually, going from barely noticeable to several shades off-color.

Dark foods are the biggest culprit for enamel stains. Common discoloring foods include tomato sauce, curry, and berries. Dark drinks, including tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol, will also produce enamel stains.

How Sapphire™ Teeth Whitening Works

Professional teeth whitening utilizes a specially formulated bleaching gel, which is applied to the visible surfaces of the teeth. Upon application, the gel begins to break down enamel stains, restoring teeth toward their natural shade. During the whitening process, your teeth will be monitored to ensure the whitening process is going smoothly, and that the gel does not irritate the gums.

The Sapphire™ in-office whitening system uses a bleaching gel with a strength of 25% hydrogen peroxide. A whitening session typically takes 60 minutes and can whiten teeth by several shades. As all teeth are different, some patients will see more dramatic whitening, and some cases may call for a second session.

At-Home Whitening

For patients who find it difficult to make it to the office, we provide at-home whitening kits to be used at your convenience. Using a similar bleaching gel, at-home whitening can be used to touch up teeth with minor stains, and are ideal for keeping teeth brighter after in-office whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Langford, BC

At Pacific Rim Dental, we want to help patients achieve their best smiles. Our skilled and friendly staff provide great service while making sure you feel comfortable and informed with every procedure. Dr. Marjan uses her skills and artistry to bring brighter, more beautiful smiles to the Langford community. Make an appointment with our office today – we look forward to putting our skills to work for you!